Our 3 Phases Recruitment Method

Marinova is a reliable partner for customers and professionals in the international Oil & Gas, Power & Energy and Shipbuilding & Maritime industry.
Whether it comes to filling a vacancy for a permanent employee or searching for a suitable contractor Marinova stands for quality, service and speed.
To provide our customers excellent service, we work according to a proven roadmap, consisting of the following 3 phases:

Phase I - The Start of the Search

Because each new recruitment process demands a bespoke approach (tailored to our clients need), every successful recruitment process begins with a in depth qualification of the specific vacancy. At this stage we map out all success factors (job content, location, flexibility, culture, salary package and other requirements & needs, etc.) of our clients vacancy. From that moment we have enough information to agree on the process and start searching within our broad network of available specialists for suitable candidates for the job and we can continue to phase II.

Phase II - Mapping the Candidate Market

In phase II, our specialized recruitment consultant(s) is/are looking for specialized candidates in the market, who are interested in a new challenge. Initially, the consultant starts by mapping the specific and complete need of each individual candidate, regardless of the job(s) currently open with us. With candidates we always qualify to their qualities, demands, needs (requirements) first, before we discuss one or more specific vacancies with him/her. This process contributes significantly to a 'natural' match between the candidate and the vacancy. Once we expect that there is indeed a good match (based this process), we propose the candidate for our client.

Phase III - The Interview & Job Offer process

The extensive qualification with the client (in phase 1) and with the candidate(s) (in phase 2) makes this phase go relatively swift and smoothly. In phase 3 we help manage the interview process and both the client and candidate make their choice. Of course we play an important supportive and advisory role in this process, by preparing both clients and candidates for the various interviews (and any assessment if needed). We also manage the feedback from both sides and give follow up accordingly.
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